Kristin Wittman started KPimages seven years ago in an effort to share her passion for
portrait, home and fine art photography.

In her portrait work, Kristin is known for her attention to detail and prefers a simple image that reveals
her subject’s personality over a busy photograph filled with unnecessary props. Kristin likes to get
into the moment and have fun with babies, seniors, or entire families to bring out their “best side”.

Kristin also specializes in home décor photography where she captures the essence and character
of a living space to create unique pieces of art for your home. This one of a kind art can be
showcased on your walls or shared in a classic coffee table book. It’s a great way to decorate
your home while beautifully preserving the memories you hold dear.

And keeping with what attracted Kristin to photography, she still enjoys getting out there to
photograph the ever changing world through her lens. As always, Kristin prefers to capture
simple images in complex scenes and does this by “zooming in” on one particular subject to
capture the shadows, light, or angles that illustrate its simple beauty.

In 2005, Kristin moved to digital photography which has enabled her to be more flexible and efficient
in her work. With new technology, digital prints can last for hundreds of years and are just as
beautiful as prints developed through a chemical process. Digital photography is environmentally
responsible and allows for a truly limitless photography experience.